February 4. - 25. 2018

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Please feel free to get in touch if you are a journalist and want to cover the festival.
Please note that accreditations are given to individual events and not to the entire festival. Please note which events you would like to attend when applying.

On this page you will find press releases (in Danish) and pictures from Frost Festival, Frost artists and “The Wave”. Please find everything you need in the bottom of the page. Photo credentials are Frost Festival / PR unless otherwise mentioned in the file.

Photos of “The Wave”
Please only use photos of “The Wave” found on this page for PR. Please credit as follows: “Photo: Frost Festival / Malthe Ivarsson”.
Please use these photos only (or your own) in a press context and not other photos found on the internet. If in doubt, please get in touch.

Press contact: Eva Laksø

E-mail: press[@]frostfestival[.]dk
Phone: +40 47 16 43

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