February 4 - 26, 2017

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Interview – The Mountains: “This is a unique experience”

The new Danish band The Mountains will play their debut concerts at the old King Christian IV’s brew house for FROST 2014. Here they will play two concerts in one night at the old brewery’s beautiful wooden loft. We have talked to the three experienced musicians about their expectations for the shows.

Your concerts at FROST will be your debut concerts as The Mountains. Does it make you nervous to make your debut at such an untraditional venue?
It’s just a genuinely fantastic opportunity to get to debut at such a unique setting and as part of such a cool festival. Few bands get a chance to start off like that and I guess that is one of the reasons why we are extra excited about these concerts. I don’t think it makes us more nervous. We are all use to be on stage. We are just extra excited about this one.

What was your reaction, when you were offered to play at King Christian IV’s old brewery?
To be honest, we didn’t really know what that meant – none of us have been there before. But we knew instantly that it would be a beautifully unique place to play – in particular for a debut concert. We have all been fascinated by playing more interesting and alternative venues, and over the last couple of years, FROST has been great at staging these kinds of events. For us, this is a unique opportunity.

What are your thoughts on how the match between your new, grandiose material and the historic frame of the old brew house will pan out?
It will be a fun contrast.

What are your expectations about playing on the big, open loft?
A crazy experience. It is so difficult to imagine how it will be, because no one has ever played there before. And we haven’t even played live yet. But it sounds like one of those places where you could shoot the coolest music video. We are just excited to see it.

You are all experienced musicians, but what is the most special place, you have ever played a concert?
Michael Møller: The wildest experience was to play with Moi Caprice in a small Vietnamese city, called Buon Me Thuot. What made it so special was the fact, that we were the first band ever to play there. We were welcomed as kings and played in front of an audience who were not use to react to rock music what so ever. Communist monuments surrounded us, and because we were the first band ever to play there, they had brought in an enormous stage with giant lightning show, fire canons and stuff like that. Only a few understood English, so everything we said was translated through speakers.

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