February 4 - 26, 2017

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Frost Festival shines a light in the dark of winter – explore our free light program here

“The Wave” – A journey to the end of the pier
Everybody is cordially invited to a multidimensional journey taking place in the harbour of Copenhagen. The Wave – an interactive sound- and light installation spanning 80 metres – will add a much-needed light on Ofelia Plads during the entire Frost Festival. “The Wave” is on all days from 4th-26th February between 6 and 24.
The installation ”The Wave” has been devopled by internationally renowned light design collective Obscura Vertigo. Its conception was promoted by Frost Festival and the Ofelia Plads association who jointly strive to create cultural experiences during Winter, manifested in the form of an art installation on Ofelia Plads.

The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson 2

The Wave 2017 – Copyright: Malthe Ivarsson

”The Wave” consists of forty, triangular, interactive, both glowing and sounding gates, 4 metres tall. The gates will respond to movement sonically and visually. Audiences will therefore co-create the artistic experience and convey unique light and sound events that constantly change the perception of the installation during its entire life span. We like to regard ”The Wave” as a beacon of light in the city’s ongoing darkness. Inhabitants of Copenhagen of all ages can meet and interact with the installation, admiring it both close-up and from afar. The installation can easily be seen from the Opera House, Papirøen, the inner habour bridge, displaying a visually evident, central contribution to the harbour.

Special thanks to the Danish Public Arts Foundation, The Augustinus Foundation, The Beckett Foundation and Oda and Hans Svenningsen Foundation and our partner Ofelia Plads for support.

The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson

The Wave 2017 – Copyright: Malthe Ivarsson

Light therapy bar at Pavillon No. 11
Dealing with the darkness of Danish winter can put a strain on even the most energetic and well-spirited individuals. Light therapy is a method which is proving increasingly effective in the Nordic countries. This year, Frost Festival, with support from Tuborg Music and in collaboration with the team of Pavillon no. 11 at Kongens Have, will transform the little gallery into a big, glowing, light-oozing source of energy: a light therapy bar.
Textile and light designer Maria Cramer-Møller is covering the small building with soft, white light, simulating the daylight that four months of dominating darkness has left us wanting. Visitors can re-charge in this light, enjoy a Tuborg beer and a nice conversation with friends and let their thoughts lighten up to a sound track created by Djuna Barnes, Trentemøller and Simon Dokkedal with summer in mind.

Please note: Only open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays during Frost Festival.

Jump into the habour as a true winter-swimmer with fire canons, saunas, interactive lighting, hot tubs, and the electronic pioneers The Orb as a sonic back drop.
In the winter, the popular pools for winter-water-jumping remain prohibited areas for most people of Copenhagen. Although this core-shaking activity is becoming increasingly popular, only few truly dare to jump into the cold depths of the habour in the winter time. With our event ”Ilddåb”, Frost Festival will motivate the people of Copenhagen to use the habour and the pools in the winter time. At the event, the darkness allows for the effectfulness of fire canons and with interactive lighting as an incentivizing force, we urge everybody to jump in. Landlubbers will not come in vain either: an outside concert with The Orb adds sonic extravaganza to the afternoon. The Orb have recently released their sixteenth album Cow/Chill Out, World. Here, the duo encourage the world of the 21st century to slow down their pace and reflect. Exactly for this reason The Orb’s music contributes to a much-needed break from everyday hassle in the middle of Copenhagen.

The event ’Ilddåb’ is a free event in the Harbour Pool Islands Brygge and was developed in collaboration with Kulturhavn365, Vinterbad Brygge, Team Bade and Unmake/Illutron.

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