February 4 - 26, 2017

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Every year Frost Festival shines a light in the dark month of February and presents a series of curated music events and light installations at handpicked locations in the Copenhagen area.

Connecting music, light and alternative spaces Frost Festival challenges the common concert format and reinstates its elements into innovative events. These once-in-a-lifetime events invite guests to explore the city in the winter and at the same time experience music presented in a new light. Thus, the collaboration between music, venues and light forms new unique synergies, the festival’s ambition.

Frost Festival proudly puts a lot of effort into matching the performing artists with the right settings. Since its first edition in 2011, Copenhageners and international guests have experienced concerts at the bottom of empty swimming pools, in abandoned aquariums, in the botanical gardens and in a number of museums, churches and historical buildings.
Since 2015, Frost Festival has increasingly focused on working with light as a communicator between the music and the alternative venues. Frost explores the potential of light as an art form well-suited for dark Scandinavian winters and as a medium for staging site-specific sceneries that enhance the experience of both music and space.

The aim of the Frost Festival is to constantly push the boundaries for live music experiences. We seek to create an environment in which concerts are experienced with a fresh and different perspective, encouraging the audience to meet and interact with the arts as well as each other.

Frost Festival presents a broad range of music genres. Previous music artists include Joanna Newsom, Modeselektor, Wilco, Nils Frahm, Efterklang, Sohn, Erlend Øye, D’Angelo and more. Previous light artists include Obscura, Dark Matters, Jakob Kvist and more. The artists and events for Frost Festival 2017 will be revealed through the coming months – stay tuned!

Welcome to Frost 2017!

Frost Festival is produced by Kulturbegivenhedsfonden Odd Productions – a non-profit foundation established by Koncertvirksomhedens Fond (VEGA) and Fonden Roskilde Festival.

Frost Festival would like to thank our main contributor, Nordea-fonden. The object of Nordea-fonden is to support non-profit and charitable purposes. Nordea-fonden supports activities that promote good living and offers scholarships and a residence programme.

Frost Festival is sponsored by Tuborg Musik. Tuborg Musik establishes new traditions and opportunities for the live music culture in Denmark – benefiting both the audience and the musicians.



Mikael Pass, Festival Director

Marie Aktor, Head of Production

Sarah Fredelund, Head of Light and Architecture

Jeppe Nygaard Christensen, Head of Music

Eva Laksø, Head of Press

Mette Nygaard Mikkelsen, Volunteer Coordinator

Martin Holst, Light Production


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