February 4 - 26, 2017

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Musikcafeen - Huset-KBH

Tropic Of Cancer (US)

NB: notice the show is moved to Musikcafeen (Huset-KBH) from Fasangården.

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21:00 — February 23, 2017

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On February 22nd the haunting beauty of Tropic of Cancer will shroud Musikcafeen at Huset-KBH.
NB: Notice the show is moved from Fasangården to Musikcafeen. Tickets purchased for Fasangården are still valid.

Drawing on inspiration from shoegaze, ambient and drone pop, Los Angeles-based Camella Lobo makes her quietly unsettling, yet dazzlingly beautiful music as Tropic of Cancer with her ethereal vocals, synthesizers and programmed drums and yearning guitars as elements in the compelling compositions. Live Lobo is joined by Taylor Burch.

Tropic Of Cancer has managed to imbue its own elusive gaze and craft a strangely refined and intoxicating sound in the wake of its sources of inspiration.

The latest EP ‘Stop Suffering’ examined the fragility of human emotion through solemn synthesizer work and funereal tempos. The results are haunting and beautiful gauzy and gothic mood music not far from Twin Peaks or the soundtrack of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Drive.

Tropic Of Cancer

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