February 4 - 26, 2017

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Ofelia Plads — Lights by Obscura Vertigo

The Wave

A journey to the end of the pier

Time & date

00:00-23:59 — Feb 4-5, 2017

The Wave encore!

Since February, our installation spanning 80 metres, ‘The Wave’ on the Ofelia Dock has been a beacon in the winter city of Copenhagen. The reception of the Oscura Vertigo-created light-marvel and its sonic gems by Peter Albrechtsen has exceeded our wildest expectations, which is why “The Wave” is now back with an encore, extending its duration to the 5th of March.

The exhibition hence is extended with one week and will continue the previous concept: The 80 sensors on the triangular arches 4 metres of height are programmed to to react to light and sound of visitors’ movements. That way, the audience continuously co-create the expression of the installations’ given sound- and lightscapes of Peter Albrechtsen and Obscura Vertigo.

On every Saturday during its exhibition, the Wave’s light- and sound design changed appearance. The previous three weeks of sound design have taken their points of departure in custom-made productions by the sound collective We Like We, followed by black metal band Solbrud and finally producer Rune Rask (Suspekt). The light design has reflected the atmosphere of the sounds. The Wave’s “encore” in its final week will consist of a remix of the previous light- and sound compositions. The remixes is announced with a live performance by Obscura on Saturday the 25 February at 5.30 pm and can be explored until Sunday the 5 March.

The Wave has been created on initiative by Frost Festival and the Ofelia Plads association who jointly wish to promote unique, cultural events in the months of winter with an art installation on Ofelia Plads. That wish has been fulfilled with The Wave which has been provided its audience with numerous photo options. We have seen human pyramids, thousands of Instagram photos and many visitors around the arches. The Wave has truly become a surprising and welcome element in the harbour of Copenhagen.

The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson 2

The Wave 2017 – Copyright: Malthe Ivarsson

A beacon of light in the city of winter

”The Wave” consists of forty, triangular, interactive, both glowing and sounding gates, 4 metres tall. The gates will respond to movement sonically and visually. Audiences will therefore co-create the artistic experience and convey unique light and sound events that constantly change the perception of the installation during its entire life span. We like to regard ”The Wave” as a beacon of light in the city’s ongoing darkness. Inhabitants of Copenhagen of all ages can meet and interact with the installation, admiring it both close-up and from afar. The installation can easily be seen from the Opera House, Papirøen, the inner harbour bridge, displaying a visually evident, central contribution to the harbour.

The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson 4

The Wave 2017 – Copyright: Malthe Ivarsson

A new experience of maritime history

As a locally fixed installation, The Wave concerns itself with both the historical and contemporary significance of Ofelia Plads. Its physical shape corresponds well to the contemporary architectonic traits – its placement towards the endlessness of the water at the end of the pier – while the sound design interprets the site’s maritime history. Previously the Kvæsthus Pier an old steamboat dock, where the people of Copenhagen would embark on and return from travels. The sound design for ”The Wave” thus consists of a series of sonic universes where newly composed music blends in with natural sounds and sound manipulation that reflects the maritime history of the Kvæsthus Pier. These soundscapes have been created by award-winning composer Peter Albrechtsen together with the metal band Solbrud, the experimental sound collective We like We and the hip-hop producer Rune Rask of famously known Suspekt.

The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson

The Wave 2017 – Copyright: Malthe Ivarsson


The Wave 2017 - Malthe Ivarsson 3

The Wave 2017 – Copyright Malthe Ivarsson

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