February 4 - 26, 2017

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Vesterbro Ungdomsgård — Light: IdaogIda

Skammens Vogn + Mads Mouritz Trio

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21:00 — February 18, 2017

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Prepare yourself for a night of absurd and surrealistic interpretations of everyday life’s twists and turns in the iconic 70’s institution Vesterbros Ungdomsgård as Skammens Vogn and Mads Mouritz Trio take new albums to stage accompanied by the lightdesign duo IdaogIda’s analogue work.

With deadpan lyrics and a laid-back, open-minded mixture of pop, rock and funk, Skammens Vogn’s witty, melancholic and absurd observations of reality became quite a cult phenomenon with the album Asfalt (2013), making the iconic surroundings of Vesterbro Ungdomsgård the perfect stage for the trio.

As Skammens Vogn describe their upcoming and fourth album Sukaley! as a self-help book you can dance to, author and poet Nikolaj Zeuthen’s lyrics on love, confusion and longing continue to be the trio’s centrepiece.
Delivered with the casualty of the unschooled, Zeuthen’s portrays everyday life as a 30-something: the sweetness, the fear and the farcical sides, the expectations of responsible behaviour and the urge to follow your instincts to escape the very same responsibilities. The internal dramas of everyday life are balanced by the compositions of guitarist Oliver Hoiness and bass player Jakob Milling. Both are experienced members of the alternative underground music scene of Copenhagen, and their skilled play with genres, a saxophone and 80’s drum machines makes Skammens Vogn an unpretentious addition to Danish music today.

Sukaley is released on March 3rd and the show at Frost is the first chance to listen to the new songs. Live, Skammens Vogn perform as a six-piece.

Through 14 years Mads Mouritz has written music and performed in a number of different constellations from classic rockbands to collaborations between music and litterature. His latest effort, Ympehaven, made in collaboration with guitarist Jacob Funch, is a display of Mouritz’ tranquil songwriting at its best. Inspired by the stillness of landscapes and villages on the Danish isle Møn, the lyrics’ naive narratives of everyday life are gently supported by picturesque guitar, flute and fiddle, emphasising that less is more.

Skammens Vogn

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