February 4 - 26, 2017

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VEGA — Lights by Frost residents

RGB White: Blondage

Time & date

20:00 — February 8, 2017

“Playing with conventions” could be the tagline for this opportunity to experience one of Denmark’s most creative electronic pop duos in a entirely transformed Lille VEGA.

2016 saw the completion of Esben Andersen and Pernille Smith-Sivertsens transformation. Moving past the electronic experimentation of Rangleklods, their efforts as a full-blown electronic pop duo are now to be known under the new moniker Blondage. Their debut-EP was released earlier this year.

Crisp and to the point, the vocals and lead synthesizers deliver crystal clear hooks to Blondage’s songs while playful samples and percussion spice up the driving beats.
Released to critical acclaim the duo’s debut-EP consists of five quirky pop tunes luring the listener into a sexy universe with both Pernille Smith-Wivertsen and Esben Andersen on seductive lead vocals. And although the duo mentions artists as diverse as Burial, David Bowie, FKA Twigs, Major Lazer, Oneohtrix Point Never and Rihanna as their inspiration, their music comes across as highly defined in style and effect. Combining naïvety and daydreaming with aggression and sensuality, gloomy love ballads appear side by side with tight bass filled beat-driven tracks expanding the rhythmic and tonal layers in the duo’s diverse productions.

Having used the Fall partly on tour in Europe and partly writing new songs, Blondage will be likely to play new songs when they take to stage at VEGA.
The concert is the band’s second time playing at Frost Festival. In 2013 the duo performed two concerts as Rangleklods at an entirely blacked out (and sold out) Caféteatret. This time the band will play in another significant lightinstallation – RGB White. Playing with the eye and mind’s perception of colours, Blondage will play in a continually changing Lille VEGA. Changing the light in one of the three RGB-colours red, green and blue, the continuing exposure will cause the eyes to see the well-known environment of Lille Vega in a, quite literally, new light, continually challenging the eyes’ mode of perception.


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