February 4 - 26, 2017

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Bremen Teater — Lights by Carnovsky (IT)

RGB Black: Mikael Simpson

Time & date

21:00 — February 11, 2017

Prepare yourself to get immersed in Mikael Simpson’s intimate, downtempo music and amazed by visual artistic duo Carnovsky’s color-sensitive scenography.

Mikael Simpson doesn’t need much introducing: emerging around the turn of the century to equal measures of critical acclaim and commercial succes, we’re proud to present the singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer at this year’s Frost Festival.

Through the six albums released under his own name, Mikael Simpson draws experimentally from alternative rock as well as on downtempo electronica. Quite surprisingly the six albums have caused quite some hits. Or maybe not that surprising at all: with a voice whispering subtle lyrics and with an intimate production style, his music creates a space for immersion and reflection. It is  music for the lazy dreams of dusk.

At Frost Festival Mikael Simpson’s performance will be set in a scenography by the renowned visual artistic duo Carnovsky from Italy. Working with the colour model RGB (red, green and blue), Carnovsky make spectacular, interactive wallpapers with breathtaking overlaying images in RGB colors. In an entirely darkness-drenched Bremen Theatre, exposing the wallpaper to either red, green or blue light will transform Carnovsky’s wallpaper into three different scenarios, playing with the eyes’ perception of light and colour.

Mikael Simpson

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