February 4 - 26, 2017

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Bremen Teater — Lights by Carnovsky (IT)

RGB Black: Hauschka

Time & date

20:00 — February 7, 2017

Prepare yourself to get immersed in labyrinthine piano and amazed by visual artist Carnovsky’s color sensitive scenography. With his trademark piano preparations and electronic processing, Cologne’s Hauschka creates fragile and evocative landscapes of layers, timbres and beats for fans of Frost favourites like Nils Frahm and Lubomyr Melnyk.

Since Volker Bertelmann first emerged on the music scene in the mid-90’ies under the moniker Hauschka, his mesmerising piano compositions have continued to amaze. With playful, repetitive piano constructions reflecting the influence of Satie, Hauschka’s work with the prepared piano is also reminiscent of the inventor, John Cage, and American minimalists such as Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

Hauschka is known for his compelling live performances that explore the possibilities of the piano from the inside out. With his use of prepared piano, he opens up his instrument and playfully performs public operations on its innards using ping pong balls, duct tape and other everyday objects in search of new colours, textures and percussive elements. Prepared piano allows Bertelmann to generate the sounds of more than a single musician alone. Through the last years Hauschka has taken inspiration from house and techno and applied electronic processing to transport these sounds even further from their acoustic origins.

At Frost Festival Hauschkas performance will be set in a scenography by the renowned visual artistic duo Carnovsky from Italy. Working with the colour model RGB (red, green and blue), Carnovsky make spectacular, interactive wallpapers with breathtaking overlaying images in RGB colors. In an entirely darkness-drenched Bremen Theatre, exposing the wallpaper to either red, green or blue light will transform Carnovsky’s wallpaper into three different scenarios, playing with the eyes’ perception of light and colour.


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