February 4 - 26, 2017

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Michael Møller – Ekstrakoncert

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21:00-22:00 — Feb 23-23, 2017

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On February 23rd. Danish songwriter Michael Møller will perform his new solo project ‘I See You In Fragments’ at Fasangården, a secret old royal pheasantry in Frederiksberg Have. The place opens for the public for the very first time during Frost Festival.

Michael Møller’s name might be less known than his band’s; the indieauteurs moi Caprice’s and the pop group The Mointains. But having released no less than 47 songs of thoroughly worked storytelling in uniquely focused and grandiose chamber pop settings on his two solo records ‘Every Streetcar’s Got A Name’ (2009) and ‘A Month of Unrequited Love’ (2011), Michael Møller has become one of Denmark’s most remarkable, award-winning songwriters.

With his solo projects Michael Møller explores a conceptual approach to songwriting: ‘Every Streetcar’s Got A Name’ was an album about sex and desire, whereas ‘A Month of Unrequited Love’ examined the many states of unrequited love.

At Frost Festival 2017 Michael Møller will perform his upcoming project ‘I See You In Fragments’ in its entirety for the first time. Being a new conceptual project, ‘I See You In Fragments’ are inspired by Swedish author Pär Lagerkvist’s novel ‘Barabbas’ about not being able to find peace in religion and the lyrics revolve the feeling of wanting to believe in a god, but not being able to. In matter of instrumentation, fans will find ‘I See You In Fragments’ to be a more abstract piece than Møller’s previous solo projects. Written as a coherent work, Mikael Møller will perform ‘I See You In Fragments’ solo in it’s entirety at Fasangården.

Situated in a remote part of Frederiksberg Have, Fasangården is a well-kept secret. Until now, the old royal pheasantry has never been opened for the public, which is why the Frost Festival events constitute the first chance to get a sneak peak into the house. With its beauty and history, Fasangården is the perfect setting for Michael Møller’s refined compositions. Within the walls of the old, historic house Michael Møller will perform solo in an intimate living room.

The audience is encouraged to show up early, as they are invited into Fasangården for its first public showing. The house will be open for exploration with a light walk through the first floor. As the audience moves through the rooms with a torch, works by light artists and designers will come to life and create movement, conveying shadows and reflections.

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