February 4 - 26, 2017

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Marching Church

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21:00 — February 17, 2017

Marching Church, the onetime solo project of Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (Iceage) and now the big band of the Copenhagen underground scene, has followed its leader’s muse from rough reality to divine delusion. At Frost Festival the band takes the latest effort, the diverse Telling It Like It Is to stage for its first full concert in Copenhagen beneath the star-studded firmament of Koncertkirken.

Though Rønnenfelt describes Telling It Like It Is as “an album which raises multiple flags,” he and his bandmates have foregone much of their past proclivity for wild stylistic swings in favour of thematically unified, complicated, but fundamentally cohesive song arrangements. The result is the most focused vision of Marching Church yet, a focus that has strengthened the band’s power to make the drama and wild passion of its preceding efforts enthral.

In 2016 the band emerges as a super group of the Copenhagen underground scene, comprising names well-known to anyone with a soft spot for the capital’s experimenting punk scene: besides Rønnenfelt, Marching Church counts Iceage’s Johan S. Weith, Lower’s rhythm section of Kristian Emdal and Anton Rothstein, trumpet player Jakob Emil Lamdahl and Hand of Dust’s Bo Høyer Hansen.

Underpinning the most cultivated Marching Church album to date, the focused songwriting of Telling It Like It Is’ unveils the full spectrum of capabilities and musical dexterity of each musician to present “a brilliant example of the vitality of Danish rock music today” as put by Soundvenue.

Marching Church

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