February 4 - 26, 2017

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Fasangården — Lights by Frost residents


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19:00 — February 22, 2017

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On February 22nd IRAH take their examinations of the ongoing conflict between human’s cultivated everyday life and the spirituality of nature to Fasangården, a secret old royal pheasantry in Frederiksberg Have. The place opens for the public for the very first time during Frost Festival.

With the otherworldly ease of ‘Into Dimensions’, the newly released 8-track mini-album, IRAH take the listeners on an epic journey across the universe with spiritual sensitivity and emotional depth conveyed by the accomplished musicians who make out the trio.

Not unlike Cocteau Twins or Portishead, IRAH’s alternative pop draws on inspiration from traditional ceremonial music and modern melodic songwriting. Lead single “Fast Travelling” is a multifaceted tune that highlights the virtuous trademarks of IRAH; a dramatic composition culminating in an intense outro, Oliver Louis Brostrøm’s dynamic and fascinating drums, the waves of synthesizers created by Adi Zukanović flowing in and out of the songs’ texture and finally Stine Grøn’s impressive vocal whose range and crystal clear timbre is an homage to the spiritual essence of love itself.

Emerging from the same groups of musicians as Frost-favourites Kentaur, IRAH became a band  the moment they played together for the first time. An hour-long improvisation lead to the track “Into Dimensions”. It’s a collective inhalation and exhalation that captures the feeling of being able to distance oneself from cultural structures and become part of something bigger.

Situated in a remote part of Frederiksberg Have, Fasangården is a well-kept secret. Until now, the old royal pheasantry has never been opened for the public, which is why the Frost Festival events constitute the first chance to get a sneak peak into the house. With its beauty and mystery, Fasangården is the perfect setting for IRAH’s otherworldly compositions. Within the walls of the old, historic house the band will perform in an intimate living room with a special stripped-down orchestration stressing the core of the songs.

The audience is encouraged to show up early, as they are invited into Fasangården for its first public showing. The house will be open for exploration with a light walk through the first floor. As the audience moves through the rooms with a torch, works by light artists and designers will come to life and create movement, conveying shadows and reflections.


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