February 4 - 26, 2017

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Havnebad Bryggen — Lights by Unmake/Illutron

Ilddåb ft. The Orb

Jump into the ice-cold depths of the harbour, encouraged by fire canons, interactive lighting - and legendary The Orb

Time & date

16:00 — February 12, 2017

Jump into the harbour as a true winter-swimmer with fire canons, saunas, interactive lighting, hot tubs, and the electronic pioneers The Orb as a sonic back drop.

NB: if you are not into winter swimming you are very welcome to attend the event and enjoy it from the solid ground!

In the winter, the popular pools for winter-water-jumping remain prohibited areas for most people of Copenhagen. Although this core-shaking activity is becoming increasingly popular, only few truly dare to jump into the cold depths of the harbour in the winter time. With our event ”Ilddåb”, Frost Festival will motivate the people of Copenhagen to use the harbour and the pools in the winter time. At the event, the darkness allows for the effectfulness of fire canons and with interactive lighting as an incentivizing force, we urge everybody to jump in. Landlubbers will not come in vain either: an outside concert with The Orb adds sonic extravaganza to the afternoon. The Orb reinvented the ambient genre in the 90es by using samples and had a breakthrough with eccentric, trippy and psychedelic house music, which suited both club lounge areas and environments far from the clubs. The Orb have recently released their sixteenth album Cow/Chill Out, World. Here, the duo encourage the world of the 21st century to slow down their pace and reflect. Exactly for this reason The Orb’s music contributes to a much-needed break from everyday hassle in the middle of Copenhagen.

Important information about  winter-swimming:

Feel the true northern cold and receive proper guidance by Vinterbad Bryggen’s experienced winter-swimmers. 

If one wishes to part-take, signing up is required. You sign up on-site, and swimmers will be divided into teams that take turns jumping into the cold depths. You must wear a swimsuit, skinny-dipping is not allowed in the harbour of Copenhagen. Changing cabins are available in the Sauna-trucks where you can also leave your valuables while swimming. Your clothes will be kept in bags provided by Vinterbad Bryggen while you’re in the water. 

Winter-swimming is at own risk. 

The event ’Ilddåb’ is a free event in the Harbour Pool Islands Brygge and was developed in collaboration with Kulturhavn365, Vinterbad Brygge, Team Bade and Unmake/Illutron.

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