February 4 - 26, 2017

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Stødpudelageret — Lights by Kasper Daugberg

Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist + Kentaur + Nils Bech

Time & date

21:00 — February 24, 2017

Prepare yourself for a dreamy evening of orchestrated indiepop conveying the big questions in life. Frost Festival presents a double concert with Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist and Kentaur known for confident musical flair. Both acts will be playing full-length concerts at Stødpudelageret, an old warehouse in Carlsberg Byen. When Frost Festival moves into the old printing house the room will be changed by light designer Kasper Daugberg’s installations.

Emiliana Torrini & The Colorist

Daughter of an Icelandic mother and Italian father Emiliana Torrini has grown to be a diverse songwriter and songstress uniting mainland-Europe’s traditions with Icelandic experimentations, showing the interpersonal skills of an international songwriter.

This susceptibility has formed Torrini’s career as well as her music. Having collaboration as her prime constant, Torrini has worked with artists and genres as diverse as Kylie Minougue and renowned artistic collective GusGus in which Torrini kickstarted her career.

At Frost Emiliana Torrini will bring one of her collaborative projects, as she will be playing with the Belgian Ensemble The Colorist Orchestra.

The Colorist Orchestra is an ensemble working on collaborative concert projects with shifting songwriters to re-arranging or recoloring songs with an openminded approach. They unite classical with self-made instruments and their collaboration with Emiliana Torrini proved to be a great success, leading to the release of a self-titled live in the Fall. The album contains new interpretations of nine songs from Emiliana Torrini’s back catalogue along with two brand new songs. Seeing Emilíana and The Colorist Orchestra in concert is a truly special experience, which is now coming to Copenhagen.


Playful in their orchestral line-up and humble in attitude, Kentaur create complex soundscapes that resonate with emotion and move audiences.

Kentaur swiftly won over audiences and critics alike with the release of their debut EP ‘Verterbra by Verterbra’. The release has introduced the audiences to Kentaur’s unique blend of neo-soul and orchestral ballads, mixed with references of early 70s and 80s R’n’B.

Last year saw Kentaur open Frost Festival with two stunning shows in Planetariet. The shows sold out within hours and overwhelmed the lucky attenders with an impressive show uniting ambitious professionalism with spontaneity and sincere gratitude. Needles to say that we are very grateful to have Kentaur back.


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