February 4 - 26, 2017

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P-Anlægget under Ofelia Plads — Lights by Sofia Jonsson


Liima, The Entrepreneurs, WeLikeWe, Pede B. & DJ Noize and Katinka team up for a long-time dream come true!

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19:30-00:00 — Feb 4-5, 2017

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In the just opened underground parking lot below Ofelia Plads, five of the very best Danish Frost-alumni-artists will play a special opening concert for Frost Festival 2017. With the audience in the centre, the five bands’ setup will form a large circle in the enormous, low-ceilinged room. With no pre-defined order, the bands will perform by turns bathed in UV-light designed by Sofia Jonsson, encouraging the audience to move around between the different band’s set-ups. Cirkelkoncerten is for the curious music lover eager to experience some of the last year’s best Danish bands in a unique, sense-triggering setting.

We like We

We like We are an experimental sound collective consisting of four classically trained musicians. We like We they combine their background with electronic effects and playful improvisations in order to create music beyond the confines of genres. The band had great success with their debut album a new Age of Sensibility, performing at both Roskilde Festival, Fusion Festival and Frost Festival in both 2013 and 2015. We look forward to once again presenting one of the most exciting genre-crossing acts just before they release their sophomore album in the Spring 2017.


Liima utilize soaring vocals, samples, and delicate electronic beats in a free, improvisatory nature. The members of Danish band Efterklang have teamed up with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö for their new project Liima. Since they releasing their debut album on 4AD in March 2016, Liima have spend the last year touring and continuing to write new music – the quartet write their music over the duration of a series of residencies related to concerts, working from a simple set-up and under tight deadlines, which the Frost audience could experience last year, when the band had a residency at Hotel Astoria including three sold-out concerts, showing that for Liima, limitations breed inspiration and creativity.


Since Katinka emerged in 2015 as part of Karrierekanonen, which the band proceeded to win, as a band that values closeness and a sincere narrative above all else. The inspiration for her lyrics stems from singer Katinka Bjerregaard’s own life, and positions listeners in a privileged zone – as if they were reading from her private diary in a language where trivial everyday impressions are transformed into soaring thought-experiments. Live, Katinka performs her songs with Simon Ask, Marie Christiansen, and Lucas Rundblad, who accompany the Danish lyrics with a wide variety of instruments and objects ranging from vacuum cleaners to pots and pans. This playful approach to musical innovation ensures a unique brand of energy for every single show, including Katinka’s appearance at Frost Bites in 2015.

The Entrepreneurs

Danish trio The Entrepreneurs bring a rawness to the complicated notion of love with their self-branded ‘noise & romance’ aesthetic. Enchanting, energetic and lyrical at the same time, the band’s debut EP “Tony Rominger” (2016) features atmospheric guitar strums, engaging rhythms, and the powerful vocals of front man Mathias Bertelsen. Having toured both Denmark, including a sold-out Frost Festival show last year, abroad and the radio station’s playlists, The Entrepreneurs have established themselves as one of the most promising acts on the Danish rock scene.

Pede B & DJ Noize

Through the many last years Pede B, a Fight Night Champion, and DJ Noize, a world champion in mix, have impressed with their efforts as duo. Together and apart they have built a solid fan base, which manifested itself during their packed show at last year’s Roskilde Festival. Last year Pede B released the album ‘Byggesten’ in companionship with DJ Noize, an album showcasing Pede B’s skills as lyricist and the strong companionship between the two goldies on the Danish hip hop scene.

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