February 4 - 26, 2017

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Carlsberg Academy — Lights by Frost residents

Cancer (grand piano concert)

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20:00 — February 21, 2017

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Cancer’s music encapsulates the beauty of life and the tragedy of the band’s name whilst remaining powerfully life affirming.

“Absolutely stunning”. BBC1 host Huw Stephens needed no more words to describe “Die One More Time”, the lead single from Cancer’s upcoming full length release, ‘Totem’.

Although ‘Totem’ is the debut full length from Nikolaj Vonsild (of electronic band When Saints Go Machine) and Kristian Finne (of americana-influenced Chorus Grant), listeners are likely to recognise the beautifully detailed sonic spaces of the album.

Cancer was introduced as a collaboration between the two well-known figures of the Copenhagen music scene, Nikolaj Vonsild and Kristian Finne. They released the EP ‘Ragazzi’ in 2014, gaining widespread critical acclaim and breathtaking listeners. During this time, they took the band to Frost Festival for the first time, when they performed in front of a sold out Skuespilhuset.

Cancer’s music encapsulates the beauty of life and the tragedy of the band’s name whilst remaining powerfully life-affirming. Presenting an accurately detailed soundscape with powerful yet simple lyrics and tones, some of the songs’s elements are almost left to the imagination as if they were hidden just behind the horizon. The songs seem to be an open space that appears minimalistic yet extremely organic. ‘Totem’ is an ever surprising record, with a blissfully mutating build-up. It is an album strong in composition, drawing on Vonsild and Finne’s experience in electronic music and americana.

On Carlsberg Akademy

This year Cancer return to Frost with no less than three concerts, showcasing their music in different settings and set-ups. On February 21st Cancer will perform a special grand piano concert at Carlsberg Academy. Originally built between 1847-1878 as brewer J.C. Jacobsen’s home, Carlsberg Academy presents a winter garden and hall inspired by the Antiquity as known from Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek. Now used by the Carlsberg Foundation, the Academy welcomes Frost Festival’s audience to a special grand piano concert with Cancer among the Academy’s Pompeii Hall’s Doric columns, reliefs and busts.

Besides Carlsberg Academy, Cancer will play two more concerts at Frost Festival. On February 9th Cancer will play a duo concert in banquet hall at Designmuseum Danmark, while the duo is joined by two musicians for a full band setup in the Hofteateret on February 10th

All three venues have a limited capacity, and thus there are only are few tickets for these events. A special bundle ticket providing access to all three concerts is available for true fans who wish to experience the duo in all three settings.


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