February 4 - 26, 2017

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Stødpudelageret — Lights by Kasper Daugberg and Jannik Jensen

AV AV AV, Sekuoia & Smerz – Few tickets left

Spend an evening with a generation of genre-crossing acts with refined melodic flair.

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21:00 — February 25, 2017

Electronic music is booming in Copenhagen, showcasing a generation of genre-crossing acts with refined melodic flair. Frost is proud to present AV AV AV, Sekuoia and Smerz for a night of embracing emotions, escapism and beats at Stødpudelageret, an old warehouse in Carlsberg Byen. When Frost Festival moves into the old printing house the room will be changed by light designer Kasper Daugberg’s installations. And this night presents a double up on the light, as AV AV AV and Sekuoia will perform with their unique live light show made by Jannik Jensen.


With AV AV AV you’re not just getting one but three of the best producers in Denmark: August “ELOQ” Fenger, Anders”Unkwon” Dixen and Martin “Dj Er Du Dum Eller Hvad” Skovbjerg.
The super group are currently releasing a string of singles, latest “About You”, the lead single of an upcoming EP following up on the acclaimed debut-EP ‘They Live’ from 2015.

The EP positioned AV AV AV as one of the most exciting electronic acts to emerge with a sound uniting easily approached melodies and vocal samples with evocative synth waves and forward-thinking percussion reminiscent of modern British drum’n’bass. And acclaims did not only come from critics, also the brightest shining stars within electronic music, Diplo and Skrillex, have noticed the band.
“About You” rides the balance between emotional resonance and escapism AV AV AV has become loved for by audiences at festivals like Roskilde, Sonár and Strøm. Their show at Frost Festival is the only show in Copenhagen this winter.


In the intersection between dreamy soundscapes, atmospheric beats and more direct, club-oriented sounds fit for the dark peak hours of the party, the 23-year-old Danish producer Sekuoia creates hypnotic electronic music with a warm, organic sensibility.

After a string of acclaimed EP releases, ‘Trips’ (2011), ‘Faces’ (2012) and ‘Reset Heart’ (2015), Sekuoia, alias Patrick Bech-Madsen, has released his debut album flac this year.

The full-length album sees Sekuoia moving further into unknown territory, collaborating with strong vocal artists and pushing his sound in a slightly more upbeat direction with a distinct pop sensibility, which you may recognise from lead single ‘Brace’ featuring Kentaur’s Marc Roland.


With entwined girl vocals and bouncy bass lines, hit single ‘Because’ has seduced quite an audience into following the Copenhagen-based Norwegian duo.
Smerz have had quite a breakthrough in 2016 with their alluring technofile popsongs, following the release of their debut-EP ‘Okey’. Listening to the seven carefully shaped deconstructed pop songs,  it is not difficult to understand why the have already performed at Eurosonic and By:Larm Festival and are frequently played on national radio as BBC1 and P6 Beat alongside independent tastemakers as NTS.

The seven tracks on the EP showcase deeply atmospheric lead-weighted emotions and strikingly simple progress. From the technofile pumping energy of “You See?” to the reflective emotions on ‘Sure’, Smerz continue to amaze with a self-confidence big enough for experiments. We are excited to follow whatever next path the duo chooses.

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