February 5 - 26, 2016

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Iceage and Stargaze Ensemble cancellation

Dear Iceage ticket purchaser,

We regret to announce that the Frost Festival concert with Iceage and Stargaze Ensemble has been cancelled. The cancellation is due to a band injury: Iceage’s drummer has broken his hand and is therefore unable to perform.

Iceage write:
“It is with sincere apologies that we must cancel our concert with Stargaze Ensemble during Frost Festival, as our drummer has broken his hand, making it impossible for him to play. We hope that we will have an opportunity in the future to perform the show.”

Iceage and Stargaze Ensemble were to perform in Bremen Theatre on Tuesday, February 9th, as part of Frost Festival 2016. The event was created as a tailored one-off affair. As such, a replacement concert will not be scheduled, and tickets will be refunded directly through Billetnet.

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