February 5 - 26, 2016

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National Gallery of Denmark

SMK Fridays feat. Synd og Skam

at the National Gallery of Denmark

Time & date

16:00 - February 19, 2016

Frost Festival is once again teaming up with the National Gallery of Denmark’s Fridays-initiative, presenting a Friday evening dedicated to art.

This SMK Fridays will be getting up close and personal. The theme ties in with the National Gallery’s new exhibition, “Up Close – Intimacies in Art”, which examines when and why art began to focus on the private and the intimate. Along with the National Gallery of Denmark, Frost Festival presents a one-of-a-kind concert with Danish Synd og Skam. The band has taken over one of the museum’s larger gallery spaces and transformed it into a concert hall where they will perform a tailored event.

The omni art group, comprising among other things the band Synd og Skam, are known for their uncompromising artistic and musical detours, always breaking and surpassing expectations. In the week leading up to their SMK Fridays’ performance, the band will work on creating a concert composed specifically in and for one of the museum’s exhibition halls. The results of this on-the-spot method, as well as the format of the evening’s performance, will remain open – but the doors and open and entrance free for you to witness it up close.

Synd og Skam debuted with ‘Center’ in 2013 and quickly received critical praise for their everything but traditional style: Yet the band have succeeded in curating a particularly melodic sound, and have a great sense of harmonic moments – meaning that they keep chaos at bay, and instead navigate successfully through the twists and turns of avantgarde, floating between jazz, hiphop and pop influences.

The event is free and open to all. You can join the Facebook event to keep updated.

Synd og Skam

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