February 5 - 26, 2016

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Gefion High School

Palace Winter (AU/DK) & The Entrepreneurs (DK)

in Himmelrummet

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19:00 - February 11, 2016

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Spring of 2014 saw the formation of two newcomers on the Danish music scene, the organic-electro duo Palace Winter and punk-trio The Entrepreneurs. Despite only a short time in the industry, both bands have had success trajectories firmly set on the rise. On February 11th Frost Festival catches up with both newcomers, as the play a double bill in Himmelrummet.

Palace Winter is a collaborative effort between Australian singer-songwriter Carl Coleman and Danish producer and musician Caspar Hesselager. The two met while on tour with Sink Ships and The Rumour Said Fire respectively, and quickly began trading ideas and sounds. The result of mixing their two expressions resulted in a unique blend of organic songwriting coated in electronic beats, culminating in the recently released debut EP Medication. Palace Winter quickly grabbed the media’s attention, garnering praise from critics and securing showcases throughout Europe.

Danish trio The Entrepreneurs bring a rawness to the complicated notion of love. This self-branded ‘noise & romance’ aesthetic has earned The Entrepreneurs praise like that from Sound of Aarhus, which describes the band “As if The Cure actually played the kind of music they want to look like they are playing.” Comparison to that calibre of rock legend is rare, and rarer still when you only have three singles to your name.

Together, these two young bands breathe new life into the Danish rock music scene. Himmelrummet, with its expansive windows and white walls, acts as a blank canvas for two distinct sounds to unfold within and engulf Gefion High School. Gefion itself, formerly housing the Geological Museum, is set in the midst of Copenhagen’s cultural centre, making it the ideal venue for new talent.

Jakob Kvist brings his playful and hands-on approach to lighting design to Gefion High School. Using the built-in lightboxes in Himmelrummet, where the musicians will be performing, Kvist will use light to set the scene in the white mirrored room. The entrance space to Gefion, a multi-story rotunda, will also be taken under Jakob Kvist’s artistic eye. Light and smoke will transform the grand space into a spectacular gateway to the evening’s performance. Throughout his career, Kvist’s site-specific approach works primarily with the analogue opportunities afforded by light. In 2013 he won an Ibyen award for The Experience of the Year. Through the use of light filters, light fixtures and lamps, the lighting in his projects is developed so that contextual historicity and distinctive architectural characteristics are accentuated, explored, or challenged.

Palace Winter

The Entrepreneurs

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