February 5 - 26, 2016

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Elements of Lila: Maalem Omar Hayat (MA)

at Global

Time & date

20:00 - February 13, 2016

A four hour Lila trance session at Global presented by Frost Festival, Global and Fonden Roskilde Festival.

The Lila is a traditional and complex hours-long liturgy of music, dance and colours, aimed at putting the listener into a state of trance. On Saturday 13th of February, Moroccan Gnawa equilibrist Maâlem (master musician) Omar Hayat and his band will perform a four hour long Lila trance session at Global as a part of Frost Festival.

Known to immerse its audience entirely in the musical experience, Gnawa induces a trance-like state through rhythmic repetition and chanting.

Originally a ritual mimicking the genesis of the universe, the Lila is a healing session summoning saints and supernatural entities through music, dance and colours. The purpose of the Lila is to balance the listeners’ mind with their bodies. For this event, Gnawa has fused its spirituality with influences from genres like jazz and reggae, focusing on the experience of the music, rather than the genre’s religious origins.

On this night, Maalem Omar Hayat and his band will perform a four hour long modern version of the Lila.

The day before you can experience a short version of the Lila in relation to Western electronic music, as Maalem Omar Hayat and DJ Rupture teams up for a night of trance in Nikolaj Kunsthal.


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