February 5 - 26, 2016

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Hotel Astoria

Liima (FI/DK)

A residency in the Hotel Astoria, day 1/3

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19:00 - February 16, 2016

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The members of Danish band Efterklang have teamed up with Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö for their new project Liima. Releasing their debut album in March, Liima takes up a three-day residency during Frost Festival at the Hotel Astoria, 16th – 18th February.

Liima will be playing three concerts at Astoria. One Tuesday evening, one Wednesday, and one Thursday.
For each concert two types of tickets are sold:
A) Regular concert tickets, granting access to the show (doors open at 19:00, concert starts at 20:00)
B) Concert tickets + a listening session. These tickets give you access to the band’s writing session on the day of the concert, as well as a unique opportunity to preview tracks from the upcoming album in one of Hotel Astoria’s suites. In addition, this ticket will also be valid for the evening’s concert. (doors for the listening session open at 16:30)

For Liima, limitations breed inspiration and creativity. The quartet write their music over the duration of a series of residencies, working from a simple set-up and under tight deadlines. Previous locations include Berlin, Finland, London and Istanbul – and now the band will take up residency in Copenhagen. Presenting their brand new material to audiences throughout these residencies, Liima’s innovative approach ensures organic growth and continuous inspiration.

Frost Festival has invited Liima to Copenhagen for a three-day residency in one of the city’s best examples of architectural functionalism: Hotel Astoria. In the basement of the hotel, in what was formerly a restaurant kitchen, the band will set up shop. For three days the band will live and work in Hotel Astoria, creating new material and presenting this to a select audience.

Furthermore, Frost Festival offers a sneak-peak at Liima’s upcoming album, ‘ii’, as the hotel and Frost set up a listening room in one Astoria’s rooms. In the privacy of the listening room, audiences have a chance to connect with the music while taking a step back from their busy everyday lives.


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