February 5 - 26, 2016

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Workers' Museum

Júníus Meyvant (IS) + Lowly (DK)

at the Workers' Museum Banquet Hall

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19:00 - February 23, 2016

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Icelandic Júníus Meyvant brings his folk music to the Workers’ Museum Banquet Hall on Tuesday, February 23rd, supported by young Danish band Lowly.

Emerging as the latest offering from Iceland’s widely celebrated music scene, Júníus Meyvant quietly introduced himself to the rest of the world with the charming debut single ‘Color Decay’. It ended up as one of last year’s most heralded debuts, spell-binding listeners with a rich and soulful warmth – the perfect atmospheric match for the wooden-clad Banquet Hall in Copenhagen’s Workers’ Museum.

Unnar Gísli Sugurmundsson’s sound, under his stage name of Júníus Meyvant, is an afflicted take on freaky folk pop, with a familiar and soulful feel. Listening to Júníus Meyvant evokes a tranquillity  as comforting as resting under a thick, woolly blanket with a hot cup of cocoa, or watching the sun set with an exotic beverage in hand on a hot, sandy beach far, far away – both of these are exactly what is needed in the midst of the Danish winter (and perhaps the Icelandic one also).

In his early twenties, Unnar stumbled upon a beat up guitar in his parents’ house, and started noodling around. By playing the guitar he managed to tame his inner beast and his sense for songs and melodies burst forth like rockets. The uncontrollable urge for writing music and a constant flow of ideas kept him tossing and turning every night and day, leading up to the release of his debut EP.

To make this night an even better introduction to the Nordic emerging music scene, Lowly has taken the trip from Aarhus to Copenhagen, kicking off Frost Festival’s three day stay at the Workers’ Museum. The five-piece group explores the field between striking pop choruses and intricate rhythms, with a necessity and drive unlike most bands. Having released a handful of songs since 2014, Lowly signed to British Bella Union last year – ensuring that their dreaming soundscapes are destined for new horizons.

Over Frost’s three-day stay in the Worker’s Museum, light artists add an extra layer to both the Banquet Hall and permanent exhibition. Famous for large-scale video installations and transformative displays, Obscura has a long history working with visual and video scenography for all kinds of live events. They will be lighting the Banquet Hall, enchanting the audience by constructing objects that become living video sculptures though projection-mapping; light installations tailored for this particular event.

Throughout the Worker’s Museum permanent exhibition, light design collective Ungt Lys hack bits and pieces of the display, allowing audiences to go on a visual exploration through the museum halls. Ungt Lys is a group of young people with interdisciplinary skills, who share a common passion and interest for light. On a voluntary basis they explore the different branches, techniques, and methods within the field of light, having worked with Musikhuset Aarhus, Roskilde Festival and the Botanical Gardens in Copenhagen, to name a few.

Júníus Meyvant


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