February 1 - March 1, 2015

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Bremen Teater

Lower + Support Streets of Laredo (US/NZ)

Natbar Live

Time & date

23:00 - February 20, 2015

Lower make intense music. ‘Seek Warmer Climes’, their debut album, sparkles with the harmonic dissonance and high-strung urgency of their underground rock forebears.

But Lower ­– Adrian Toubro (vocals), Simon Formann (guitar), Kristian Emdal (bass) and Anton Rothstein (drums) – also channel the romance and drama of great singer-songwriters, from late-period Scott Walker to Bryan Ferry. The result is a hugely ambitious and affecting rock album that enters deeply personal and unusual sonic and topical spaces.

The Danish quartet rose out of the now famous Mayhem rehearsal space in Nørrebro, Copenhagen alongside fellow punk acts as Iceage. With an international career accelerating and an extremely well received debut album newly released it is a great honor for us to welcome Lower to Frost and Natbar Live.

Supporting act is Streets of Laredo. Founded by close-knit family members Daniel, Dave and Sarahjane Gibson and inspired by the fervour/madness of the 70’s folk-rock circuit, Streets of Laredo was born out of trying to escape the mundane everyday working life. Destined to be a soundtrack for all things Fall, the Brooklyn by-way-of New Zealand outfit’s debut album, Volume I & II (Dine Alone Records), is a sing-a-long collision of jangling harmonies, stomping percussion, horns and guitars.


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