February 1 - March 1, 2015

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Get Your Gun + Narcosatanicos

Time & date

21:00 - February 14, 2015

Get ready for a mind-expanding evening in the church that will take your body and mind into the wild. Get Your Gun and Narcosatanicos embrace a dark and massive rock universe playing with an intense and heavy wall of sound and dynamic minimalism.

Get Your Gun’s sound is not a forced practice of style, but something that originates from the moment the band was formed. The musical universe is like the band’s three dismal men: born of a wind-swept peripheral region with wide expanses and narrow outlooks. A blend between the weight and aggressive nature of stoner-rock, the nordic melancholy, and the darkest tales of country- and folk music.

Narcosatanicos draws on various influences from late 60’s protopunk and krautrock and more recent genres of both the heavy and the trippy kind, to create dynamic, percussive walls of sound that both absorb and repulse. With an intense live presence that incorporates multiple guitars, saxophones, vocalists and disturbingly hallucinogenic live visuals Narcosatanicos is one of its kind just as their band-name.

Get Your Gun


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