February 1 - March 1, 2015

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a bike repair shop

Chorus Grant


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19:00 - February 23, 2015

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Last version of our concert concept Frost:Bites will be held at a bike repair shop in the center of Copenhagen. Please jump to our Facebook event and sign up for our competition to win tickets.

The moniker of Danish singer/songwriting, Kristian Finne, is one of the most promising acts coming from Denmark these years. With an organic sound combined with great lyrics and a fantastic voice he creates songwriting-magic, which can be heard on the brilliant release ‘Space’ from 2014.

Chorus Grant will play a special set for a limited number of people on two Mondays in February (February 16 + 23). Read more below:

Why: With this project we hope to engage our creative audience and challenge the way we perceive and experience live music. Also we hope to create a new framework for meaningful conversations for our audiences.

How do I get tickets: Guests are picked through our social media channels, so keep an eye on our Facebook-site to get access to the shows.

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