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The New Spring recommends: Moonface

Not only does Bastian Kallesøe’s fantastic one-man folk group The New Spring support Moonface at FROST 2014, he is also a huge fan of Spencer Krug. Read his personal recommendation of the Canadian indierock maestro here.

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“Spencer Krug’s songwriting is something that has followed me through the years and through all the different musical constellations he has been part of. The best songwriters have a center which remains strangely untouched. That’s how it is with him. Through Wolf Parade, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, Frog Eyes and now Moonface, his voice and his songs have been instantly recognizable and have always felt familiar to me and a lot of my friends.

We started listening to stuff like Sunset Rubdown at a specific period when we needed songs that didn’t just explain themselves right away. The music was complex and melodic and the lyrics were cinematic, fantastic and just plain beautiful.

I think Koncertkirken is a great setting for a Moonface-show. Many of his songs use religious symbols or metaphors, but especially on his new album the Christian imagery dissolves and becomes very specific and rooted in life as it is lived everyday.

To me, a lot of his new songs feel like the opposite of a religious experience. Or maybe a strange imitation of it. They use religious metaphors, but they are about the struggle of life. Everyone has to live and everyone struggles. That’s how the song “Everyone is Noah, Everyone is the Ark” sounds. The image dissolves and the song is about everyone. But still there is so much that’s impossible to pass on from one person to another. Like the experience of loss, which the song is also about.

An then there is “Julia With Blue Jeans On” where the word GOD is replaced with the name JULIA. I think that is a beautiful gesture, and I think everyone should do that with someone they love.”

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