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Mads Axelsen recommends: Connan Mockasin

It’s all in the FROST family. Danish radio host and DJ, Mads Axelsen, will not only play a DJ set in the foyer after the ’60 Minutes of Indians’ concerts, he is also a passionate fan of the wonderfully weird and intense FROST artist, Connan Mockasin. Read here why.

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“A bunch of sugar, some whipped cream and just a hint of sea salt – and then you’ll have the best caramel fudge you’ll ever taste. This could easily be the description for Connan Mockasin’s music as well. His dreamy, psychedelic universe takes you by surprise, and lets you melt away into a land of mythical creatures and strange looking people, who you’ll never really be able to fully understand.

This tall, platinum blonde and weird-looking musician lives inside his own little world, which you feel lucky to get just a glimpse of. Rumor has it, that Connan Mockasin didn’t listen to anything but his own work for a couple of years to stay true to his own aesthetics in the making of his phenomenal album Caramel. Even though this seems and sounds quite strange, I have no doubt that this was actually the case for this Warhol-lookalike. It’s timeless and personal – and completely incomparable.

Connan Mockasin stays true to his own ideas without a hitch. It takes a lot of time to truly understand his musical universe, and therefore it can be quite overwhelming and almost freighting to dive into Connan Mockasin’s caramel-pool. But once you actually do take the jump, just let go, and let the music take over. I promise you, it will rock your world. It’s narcotic and haunting, neon-colored and naive, psychotic and extremely addictive.

I can’t wait to take a big bite of Connan Mockasin’s caramelized universe, and I look very much forward to experience his otherworldly music at FROST festival 2014.“

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