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Interview: SOHN – “I’m very excited that the wheels are in motion”

He has been named “the one to watch in 2014″ by Billboard and other influential media and we are tremendously excited that SOHN will give his first venue concert in Denmark as part of FROST 2014. We asked the English electronic soul artist about his expectations for 2014 and his gig in Pumpehuset.

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How would you characterize your music for those who have not heard it yet?
Space, electronic, analogue, dark and air.

2013 was an extremely busy year for you, what has been the highlight for you?
I’ve had loads of highlights, yeah – Roskilde was a definite one. Realising that there were people out there who knew my music for the first time… Other than that, I’d definitely say signing to 4AD in April 2013, after playing South By Southwest in Austin, Texas.

You have been named “the one to watch in 2014” by many media, including Billboard. What can we expect from SOHN in 2014?
An album… lots of new music, collaborations, productions, and lots and lots of touring.

We hope to hear new tracks at the concert for FROST. When are you planning to release your debut album?
We’ll make an announcement about that soon. I’m very excited that the wheels are in motion.

Last time you visited Denmark was for Roskilde Festival. How is this visit going to be different?
This time my light show comes with us, which gives an extra 20% to the show in terms of atmosphere. Obviously there have been new songs since then too – ‘Lessons’ hadn’t been written back then, for example – and this time my show is longer.

What can we expect from your show at FROST? Do you have any special tricks up your sleeve?
Lots of dark energy and entrancing sounds.

FROST is well-known for producing concert on alternative locations? What’s the most unusual place you have played?
Well so far I’ve played in what used to be a swimming pool (Poolbar, Feldkirch, Austria), a factory (London) and an Irish pub (SXSW Austin, Texas).

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