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Interview: Eggs Laid By Tigers – “We have fallen in love with his words”

Copenhagen based trio, Eggs Laid By Tigers, are drawn to Dylan Thomas’ poetry and the mythical universe surrounding him. For FROST 2014, the trio will play a number of intimate concerts inside a beautiful hotel suite at Hotel Kong Arthur, to honor the memory of the late poet and the infamous Chelsea Hotel in New York, where he lived and died. We have talked to Eggs Laid By Tigers about poetry, expectations and how it feels to get to stay inside Dylan Thomas’ childhood home.

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Video premiere: Eggs Laid By Tigers – Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night

How has Dylan Thomas inspired your music?
We are not only inspired by Dylan Thomas’ poems, we simply perform them as they are written. Therefore, every tone of our music is shaped by his words. We find that the tone differs from poem to poem. Some ask for simple song structures, and others are just as challenging musically as the poem itself.

What is it about this universe that fascinates you?
We have fallen in love with his words. We fell for the sound of them. They speak to the body and soul. Furthermore, they are generous because they leave a little to the imagination.

Why Eggs Laid By Tigers in a hotel suite?
Hopefully, the concerts will create an intimate space in a room not normally associated with such an experience. By allowing both venue and situation to interact, we hope to sharpen the senses, attention and curiosity of our audience.

Have you ever played in a hotel suite before?
Not for an audience…

What is your experience with playing alternative locations? What is the strangest place you have ever played?
Once, we played a line of concerts behind a large piece of white paper. By robbing people of their ability to see, we were able to immerse in the sound and the words. Or, that was what we thought would happen. But the performance really divided people, which came as a bit of a surprise to us. Many were excited and into the idea, whereas others were frustrated and almost aggressive about the fact that they could not see the band. Clearly, they had some expectations, which were not fulfilled.

But for us, the most spectacular and mythical place, we have ever played, was without a doubt inside Dylan Thomas’ childhood home in Swansea, Wales.

How did that come about?
We were playing at the ‘Do Not Go Gentle’ festival in Swansea last year and were invited to stay at Dylan Thomas’ childhood home, while the festival lasted. We were of course very honored to get a chance to stay there and taped a video for the song ‘Do Not Go Gently Into That Good Night’ in Dylan Thomas’ old kitchen.

Watch the video here

What can we expect from your show at FROST 2014?
To be presented to a variety of new songs, accompanied by a couple of familiar ones, which will be performed in a different light. Please try to leave you expectations at home – if possible.

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