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Turboweekend // King Christian IV’s Brewery —late show

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21:45 - 22. February 2014

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FROST is very proud to invite you inside one of the most beautiful buildings in Copenhagen. Until now the former Danish King Christian IV’s Brewery, located right at the waterfront, has been shut off for the general public, so we are extra excited to invite you to the housewarming of this incredible historic building.

The attic of the brewery is an impressive construction piece with timber structures, beams and posts fully visible. It is here, in the heart of Danish history, that Turboweekend will perform brand new material for FROST 2014.

Turboweekend is one of Denmark’s most appreciated live bands and we are happy to invite you inside their ‘rehearsal room’ for an evening and give you a taste of what’s cooking for their upcoming album release.

The band will play two concerts on the same night, the first at 19.45 and the second at 21.45. Remember, the brewery is an old building without modern heating so please bring warm clothes and sensible shoes.

As an extra treat, we have teamed up with Danish video art festival FOKUS and the National Gallery of Denmark and tailored a spectacular welcome area with video arts, music and beer at The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum, next to the old brewery. The beautiful canon hall inside the old arsenal museum will be shrouded in video installations, when FOKUS curates a spectacular ‘Bring Your Own Beamer’ event. Video artists will decorate the walls, arches and old canons with mash ups of classic art pieces – digitalized and made available from The National Gallery’s digital platform. DJ’s from Danish radio station P6 Beat will create the perfect atmosphere for a couple of free and fun Friday and Saturday nights at the Brewery’s old neighbor.

We are really excited about our stay at Christian IV’s Brewery. As festival director Mikael Pass says “Maybe King Christian IV’s will turn in his grave when the modern beats hits the old building. We kind of hope so…”.

Please note: The old brewery is not heated, so please bring lots of warm clothing and sensible shoes for the concert. The Royal Danish Arsenal Museum has modern heating, so you can get nice and warm before and after the concert.  

Thanks to The Agency for Palaces and Cultural Properties for making the events at Christian IV’s Brewery possible. The events are financially supported by Royal Beer and Wondercool Copenhagen.


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