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Moonface (CA) + The New Spring // Koncertkirken

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19:00 - 11. February 2014

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The FROST-team has always been fond of the closed down church, Koncertkirken, located in the heart of Copenhagen quarter Nørrebro. We are also very fond of Canadian singer and songwriter Moonface and his new solo album “Julia With Blue Jeans On”. And so we are pleased to welcome the Canadian indie darling into the church to perform his brand new solo material behind the grand piano.

Hidden behind the name Moonface is Spencer Krug, a true godfather on the vibrant indie scene in Montreal, who has been part of other FROST favorites such as Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown.

For support, we have invited another Moonface-fan, Danish artist Bastian Kallesøe and his one-man band The New Spring, who will unveil material from his coming album.


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