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Lucky Dragons (US) + Nikolas // Bastarden, Huset-KBH

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20:00 - 10. February 2014

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If one should describe LA-duo Lucky Dragons with one word it would have to be ‘unpredictable’. Since 1999 they have practiced their own original artistic expression with a starting point in electronics, noise and avant-garde experiments.

Lucky Dragons is a playful and extraordinary experience live as they make sure to include their audience – either as contributing band members or active sound creators. Surely a must see! To make it extra special, we have invited Lucky Dragons to play in the middle of the settings for a Shakespeare play in the experimental culture house, Huset-KBH in the middle of Copenhagen.

To jumpstart this experimental night, we have invited Danish impro group Nikolas. The group originates from the environment surrounding Copenhagen record label, Escho, and the members are also parts of other established bands such as Thulebasen and KLoAK. It will indeed be unpredictable, electronic and who knows – maybe even danceable!

Lucky Dragons


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