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FROST midterm party feat. Slow Celebration

Time & date

23:00 - 15. February 2014

Saturday 15th will be a great night for FROST 2014; Erlend Øye hosts a winter pool party on the bottom of the closed down swimming pool in Dragør, while Connan Mockasin stir up the old Bremen Theatre.

But it doesn’t end here. As a culmination of the night, and because this night marks that we’re halfway through the FROST month, we invite you to join a free midterm party at Bremen theatre, in collaboration with the nightclub Natbar.

As a musical treat, we have invited the new, fast-growing Danish duo, Slow Celebration, to join the party. The duo consists of two experienced guys: Esben Andersen from Danish band Rangleklods and Mads Kristensen from Danish band Reptile Youth. As Slow Celebration they play adventurous electronic pop with and edge and lots of catchy elements.

After the concert, Danish DJs Djuna Barnes and Christian d’Or turn up the party.

Come dance with FROST. We can’t wait!

Slow Celebration

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